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The Most Crowd-Pleasing Karaoke Songs to Sing

What started as a simple way for patrons to express themselves after a few cocktails (and show off their voices) has now become a nationwide craze that generations across the ages cannot seem to get enough of. Yes, that’s correct; we’re talking about karaoke. 

Karaoke has swept the nation, with over 100,000 bars hosting a karaoke-style open-mic night once a week and 15 million Americans participating in the whole-hearted fun at least once a month. Naturally, we had to become a part of the trend and offer Ferndale residents an opportunity to be noticed—we’re hosting karaoke nights, and you won’t want to miss it!

The Corner is calling all wannabe divas, inner rockstars, and up-and-coming singers to show up and show out on Wednesday nights for fun, entertainment, and The Voice-worthy performances. But what will you perform? What song will get the crowd pumped up and show off your vocal range? Don’t you worry; we’ve got that covered. Here are some of the most popular karaoke songs across the country that will surely have you singing loud and proud.

Fun Facts About Karaoke

Karaoke, the beloved pastime that has turned living rooms and bars into musical playgrounds, is not just about belting out your favorite tunes in front of a cheering (or cringing) audience. Beyond the performances and enthusiastic vocalists, there’s a variety of intriguing and amusing facts that make karaoke a global phenomenon worth exploring.

  • Karaoke first started in Kobe, Japan, in 1971, when musician Daisuke Inoue invented his own karaoke machine.
  • The Guinness World Record for the longest karaoke marathon by multiple participants is 895 hours and 2 minutes.
  • A World Championship of Karaoke exists and is held in different countries every year.
  • Cleveland, Ohio, has the highest number of karaoke bars in the US—31 for every 100,000 persons.
  • The word “karaoke” means empty orchestra in Japanese.

Popular Karaoke Songs to Sing

The most popular karaoke songs are going to differ based on who you ask and where you are, but it’s reported that the top five highly requested songs of all time are “Summer Nights” (Grease), “Sweet Caroline” (Neil Diamond), “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen), “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson), and “Let it Go” (Idina Menzel). 

While we have absolutely no problem with any of these songs, we understand that everyone’s taste in music varies greatly, and you shouldn’t be limited to just the absolute greats. We want to make sure you’re well-prepared for your next impromptu karaoke night by putting together a list of songs to try out based on genre.

Country Music

There are so many country songs out there, and picking the right one could make or break your night. From talking about bonfires and lifted trucks to cheating spouses and hometown love, the possibilities of mood-setting with a country song are truly endless. Take a look at some of the most popular songs sure to get the crowd singing and dancing along with you.

  • Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks
  • Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
  • Man! I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain
  • Jolene by Dolly Parton
  • Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band
  • Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by Big & Rich
  • Goodbye Earl by The Chicks

Rock Music

A genre that has been a powerhouse in the music industry for decades, rock music is characterized by its electrifying energy, rebellious spirit, and enduring influence. With pounding rhythms, scorching guitar solos, and intense lyrics, rock music has the potential to unite generations—and so can you when you sing one of these rock music classics during karaoke night.

  • Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
  • Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
  • Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
  • Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
  • I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick

Pop Music

Pop music has established itself as the soundtrack to life’s moments, both big and small. Known for catchy lyrics and infectious melodies, the pop genre knows no bounds as crowded rooms of strangers sing along together. Create unforgettable moments of musical heaven as you belt out chart-topping hits like the following:

  • Bye, Bye, Bye by ‘N Sync
  • No Scrubs by TLC
  • Hey Ya! by Outkast
  • Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
  • Single Ladies by Beyoncé
  • Rehab by Amy Winehouse
  • Everybody by Backstreet Boys

Hip-Hop & Rock Music

Raw energy emerges as roaring guitars and storytelling song lyrics take flight during karaoke night when hip-hop and rock music blare from the speakers. With every note, the performers on the karaoke stage become vessels for the passion and power of this genre. Express yourself wholeheartedly as you jam out to your favorite hip-hop and rock songs on the karaoke machine.

  • The Real Slim Shady by Eminem
  • Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio & LV
  • It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy & Ricardo Ducent
  • No Diggity by Blackstreet & Dr. Dre & Queen Pen
  • Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado & Timbaland
  • Buy U A Drank by T-Pain & Yung Joc
  • Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz


Channel your inner rebel and bring a bit of unpredictability to the karaoke stage when you sing an alternative number sure to turn heads and bring back memories. Whether it’s the grunge-inspired anthems of Nirvana or the introspective lyrics of Radiohead, alternative music offers a refreshing break from the mainstream tunes we hear on the radio today. Try out one of these songs the next time you decide to belt out a tune.

  • Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
  • All the Small Things by Blink-182
  • Mr. Brightside by The Killers
  • Rockstar by Nickelback
  • Misery Business by Paramore
  • Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
  • Drive by Incubus

Sing Karaoke at The Corner

Grab the microphone and sing your favorite song solo or pair up with a friend(s) to perform a memorable duet at The Corner’s karaoke night. Whether you’re channeling the raw power of Elvis, the poetic lyrics of Dylan, or the hits of Queen, karaoke lets you be the rock star for a night and experience the joy of music in a whole new way. On Wednesday evenings, you can catch The Corner crew watching customers kill it on the mic from 8 p.m. to midnight every single week!

What are you waiting for? Karaoke enthusiasts and first-timers, the night is yours, and we are ready to sing, dance, and drink together! Contact us at (248) 291-5470 today and reserve a table!

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