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Yep, we said it. Once you come to The Corner, you can’t wait to come back. But don’t take our word for it- explore the experiences straight from our customers’ computer keys. If you have any questions about our restaurant or anything we have to offer here, feel free to call us! Our staff will be happy to help you.

Testimonials | The Corner - rating Very unique place. It was awesome for our corporate event. Board games, bar, great food and… Axe throwing, yep axe throwing. Never did it before, but it is way cool. - Paul D.

Testimonials | The Corner - rating At the Corner for the first time tonight. The service is efficient and friendly, tasty food, and good drink selection. There is a big snow storm tonight and the warm fire is a welcome addition. They have expanded the bar and seating areas since it was Local Kitchen. It is now more capable of accommodating large groups. I think it would be a really fun place to spend an afternoon or evening with a group of friends playing board games. They have a huge selection! - Kendra K.

Testimonials | The Corner - rating I love cereal. Do you? Have you ever been at a restaurant and just wish you could get a bowl of your favorite breakfast sugar bomb? Well, the corner has got you covered! All the brands you remember as a child, and the so called wholesome brands you eat as an adult. Poured fresh and presented with cold vitamin D milk so you can eat what you want while your companion has something more appropriate. No one judges at The Corner. And I wont either. - Dylan P.

Testimonials | The Corner - rating Such an awesome place! Great food, good service, and all the board games you can imagine! They have dedicated staff member that will help explain some of the rules and how to play any game that they have. Never knew there was such a great wealth of exciting games to play! - Kam M.

Testimonials | The Corner - rating This place has a great, relaxed atmosphere and every board game you could think of. The bartenders were great, even on a busy Friday night, and the beer selection was a good mix of local breweries. - Brittany B.

Testimonials | The Corner - rating Love the wall of board games. Food is good too, with lots of drink options. Would highly recommend the ice cream with cereal. Cool place to make an afternoon out of while playing games. - Aaron B.

Testimonials | The Corner - ratingPerfect place for a game night with friends or even as a date. They have an ENORMOUS selection of games for 2+ players and even 10+ players. Their food is really good as well. Highly recommend the Brisket Sliders as well as their pizza’s. End the night with a bowl of ice cream and your choice of 15+ cereal topping options, yes…CEREAL. It is so good.- Michelle K.

Testimonials | The Corner - ratingGreat idea. The game choices are vast but there is someone there to help narrow down choices and even recommend games to play based off what you like. They have very unique food choices, lots of vegetarian and vegan options plus you can get a bowl of cereal. It's like being a kid again but you can have alcohol too. The back of the building is an axe throwing area as well.- Paul V.

Testimonials | The Corner - ratingAwesome place. Most importantly, the food is great (and beer, too!). Service was quick, friendly and efficient. There are a ton of board and card games (an entire wall of them) with just about everything you can think of. It is truly impressive. We were there meeting friends before some axe throwing (an attached venue) and this place was a pleasant bonus. I am from (way) out of town, but if I'm ever in the area again I'll be stopping by. - Rambling D.

Testimonials | The Corner - ratingGreat food, wonderful beer selection and holy smokes what a game collection! I didn't get a chance to throw axes, but that looked fun too. Their onsite game expert was very nice, and knowledgeable at matching games to people. All in all, I wish every city had a place like this.- John D.

Testimonials | The Corner - ratingFood is excellent for a bar type of restaurant. The atmosphere of the game room is excellent and provides a nice impact/mood to the place. Beer selection is great and has a very knowledgeable/helpful wait staff, bartenders, and game sommeliers.- Mark E.

Testimonials | The Corner - ratingGreat food, great selection of games to play and to buy. Also, the service was top notch! Can't wait to go back!!- Jon A.