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Game Room in Ferndale, MI

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Explore The Corner’s Expansive Game Room in Ferndale, MI

You don’t want to Risk™ your night out on the town by choosing the wrong location. Or maybe you’ve spent so much time at one place that it’s starting to feel like a Monopoly™ for your time. In reality, choosing a place to hang out can require someone stepping up to be the Stratego™ in deciding where to go. Let us Clue™ you in on a great location to spend some time. 


Our new, exciting, and enormous board game library in the heart of Ferndale, MI, has any kind of game you can dream of and more, from the classics to the unique. When navigating the Game of Life™, you’ll likely come across a few places you like to Scrabble™ to. Let our expansive game room be one of those places; we’re sure you won’t be Sorry!™

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Don't Know What to Play in Our Board Game Room?

Ask our game sommelier!

With so many board games, we understand it can feel like you’re playing chess, not checkers, when deciding what game to pick. Our game room includes an on-site game sommelier knowledgeable about all the games in our inventory. It won’t feel like a Trivial Pursuit™ when deciding what to play.

From board games to card games, trivia and more, our game sommelier will help you discover your new favorite family entertainment. So you don’t have to worry about feeling you’re aboard a Battleship™ when arguing over what to play. You’ll be saying, “Uno™, that’s the one!” When our game sommelier picks out your new favorite pastime in our game room.

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From Classics to New Board Games, Our Game Room Has it All!

Embarking on a new game can feel like you and your friends are the Settlers of Catan™. That’s why The Corner offers an expansive inventory, including classics as old as backgammon and new ones sure to test your Cranium™. If you’re unsure if we have your favorite game, call us at (248) 291-5470.

With a large inventory and a staff always searching for the next big game to add, it’s unlikely that we won’t carry something you, your family, and your friends will enjoy. 

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Reserve a Table in our Game Room

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to get a table, The Corner accepts reservations for our game room. You’ll feel like you’re in Candy Land™ when you walk in, and a table is already waiting for your party. All game room reservations last two hours, and you have access to our game sommelier and a full-service bar and kitchen.

Any table in our board game room costs just $3 per Ticket to Ride™. We recommend reserving the table before walking in and as far in advance as you can. We do not allow back-to-back bookings, nor do we allow more than one booking per person. This way, everyone can enjoy the game library that we have to offer.


If you have questions about booking a reservation, call us at (248) 291-5470.