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Board Games & Beers for Every Personality - The Corner at Ferndale

Quick: what do board games, mixed drinks, mouth-watering sliders, and axe throwing have in common? The answer, of course, is The Corner in Ferndale. We know you’re accustomed to the usual watering holes with their predictable beers and pair of flat-screen TVs, but at The Corner, you’re in for a different experience altogether. 

For starters, you’ll find Detroit Axe directly around the corner from us. But there’s even more quirkiness and genuine fun to be had at The Corner. With a dizzying selection of board games on offer, and our very own board game sommelier, we can match you and your group with the perfect pastime to pair with your libations, bag of fries, or Detroit-style pizza. 

So, what board game is right for you and your crowd? Well, that depends on the mood of your crew and their personalities. Here’s just a taste of some of the expert board game advice you can find when dining, drinking, or waiting for your turn at Detroit Axe. 

For the Boon Companions

You know how it goes: you’ve had the same group of tight-knit, dedicated friends for years, maybe even since middle or high school. Naturally, you’ve grown pretty close, even close enough (you claim) to finish each other's sentences with just a glance. Well, you can put that hypothesis to the test at The Corner with a well-curated board game suggestion.

We Suggest

Taboo is a game centered on not saying what you want to say. In each round, you or your partner will pull a card with a list of words on it. Your objective is to get your partner to guess the topmost word on your card, but there’s a catch. Underneath the objective word, you’ll find a list of phrases you can’t use to suggest the target word to your partner.

In 1-2 minute rounds, you’ll have to pull out all the stops while avoiding the list of banned words to get your partner to correctly say “Parrot,” or “Kumquat,” or “Lightsaber!” Once your partner guesses correctly, you can move on to the next card, cramming as many points in as possible while you have the chance. No gesturing, mouthing, or spelling allowed. 

For the Meme Lords & Ladies

You know who you are. You like nothing more than unicorns or cats flying through the cosmos on a jet stream of rainbows. When you hear someone say, “You can’t out-random the internet,” you consider it a fact of physical law. Even though you had to take a break from Reddit to be here today, the good news is that there are board games made just for you.

We Suggest

Exploding Kittens is tailor-made for you and yours. In what can only be described as the 21st-century equivalent of hot potato or musical chairs, you and your companions take turns drawing cards from a communal deck. If you draw an exploding kitten card, you’re out. But there are other cards that cause your opponents to draw more—or you to draw fewer. At its core, Exploding Kittens is every bit as random, zany, and hilarious as the memes you and your friends swap on a daily basis. 

For the Armchair Economists

Is your favorite movie the 1983 classic Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd? Did you check your portfolio this morning only to discover (for the nth month in a row) that it’s red as far as the eye can see? Well, the good news is that you can find beers, cocktails, comfort food, and board games built just for you at The Corner.

We Suggest

Settle in and order dinner because Settlers of Catan can take you from humble origins to master of commodities with some diligent deal making and resource exchanges. You and your group are jockeying for economic supremacy on the island of Catan. You need resources, buildings, roads, and armies to cement your rulership. But there’s just one problem—everyone wants to rule Catan. 

Bargain, threaten, exchange, and establish settlements until one of you reaches the goal—mastery over the island!

Games for All Kinds at The Corner in Ferndale, MI

Didn’t find a board game above that caught your fancy? No worries. At The Corner, our board game sommelier can match you and your group with the perfect selection to keep you occupied while waiting for food, the next round of craft beers, or your turn around the corner at Detroit Axe. 

We have games for UFO enthusiasts, trivia buffs, liars, cheaters, wheeler-dealers, jugglers, ramblers, whole families, and everyone beyond and between. Check out our menu, find us online, and come pay us a visit so that we can put our board game sommelier through their paces!

Come for the quirkiness, stay for the board games, food, and brews!

The Corner in Ferndale is one of Metro Detroit’s best bars, offering unusual experiences, quality bar service, excellent food, and proximity to one of the hottest axe joints in town—Detroit Axe! Bring your kooky crew and help us test our board game sommelier! Our quality restaurant, gaming, and Detroit pizza provide a whole experience for you, your friends, and your family—from the Meme Lords to the Armchair Economists and beyond. Call us on your night out to find an open table or ask about specials at (248) 291-5470.

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