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Game On With Darts Detroit: The Newest Experience at The Corner

At The Corner, we’re always expanding our catalog of games and activities to keep game nights interesting. We’re excited to announce our newest addition to the exciting activities available at The Corner: Darts Detroit! This innovative technology combines the timeless game of darts with modern technology, promising a thrilling experience for both seasoned dart veterans and novices.

Today, we'll delve into how Darts Detroit works, what sets it apart from traditional versions of the game, and why you should make a reservation with us to experience it for yourself!

Darts Detroit: The Ultimate Way to Play Interactive Darts

Darts Detroit has taken the classic game of darts and given it a modern twist! It provides players with a fun and immersive dart-throwing experience that combines the best of tradition and technology. Participate in authentic gameplay using real metal-tipped darts just like you usually would but with some exciting upgrades!

How Does Darts Detroit Differ from Traditional Darts?

Automatic Scoring

Say goodbye to manual scorekeeping and hello to the automatic scoring system. No more worries about keeping track of your score or getting into arguments over who's winning. Our accurate and efficient scoring system takes care of all the math for you so you can focus on having a great time with your friends.

Player Statistics

After every game, the system provides detailed statistics on your accuracy and performance. With this valuable information, you can identify areas for improvement and become a true darts champion.

Fun Visual Displays & Customization

Because of the integration of technology, you can make your darts game look next-level awesome. Each player can customize their own profile, and throughout your game, interactive screens will react to your throws for endless laughs.

Interactive Games

Not feeling a classic darts game? No worries! Darts Detroit includes several unique dart-themed games for you and your friends to try out. These games are suitable for all skill levels and are sure to keep game night fresh.

How To Reserve Your Spot for Darts Detroit

Our dart lounge features two reservable boards, each with its own comfortable seating area where you can enjoy food and drink from The Corner while you play. The cost to reserve is $10 per person per hour, with a minimum reservation of one hour and a maximum of two hours.

For larger groups, we recommend a 90-minute reservation, and for groups of nine or more, the entire lounge space and both boards can be booked for up to two hours.

We welcome walk-in dart groups on a first-come, first-served basis for sessions lasting from half an hour to one hour. The rate for a walk-in dart experience is $6 per person for every half-hour. Please note that walk-in availability is not assured. We highly recommend making reservations to secure your preferred time slot, particularly for larger groups and weekend visits.

Come & Experience Darts Detroit at The Corner!

No matter if you’re planning something special or just a night out with some friends, The Corner is the place to be! At our bar you’ll have exclusive access to experience Darts Detroit and everything else on our game wall. If you love one of our games, you might even be able to take it home with you by inquiring about board-game purchases. Don’t wait; make your reservation today to secure your spot and experience next-level darts for yourself!

Make Your Reservation at The Corner in Ferndale, Michigan!

If you're craving an exciting night out, don’t miss out on everything happening at The Corner in Ferndale, Michigan! We've got an amazing variety of games for every type of player, and our knowledgeable game Sommelier is always there to recommend the perfect game for you and your crew. Not to mention, our delicious food and beverages will keep you fueled for all the fun.

Make a game room reservation today to secure your spot, or simply swing by to explore our incredible board game wall. We can't wait to see you at The Corner!

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